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British Airways Basic Info

  • Base: United Kingdom
  • Tagline: BA Better World
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Major Hubs: - London-Heathrow Airport
  • - London-Gatwick Airport
    • Fleet Size: 257 aircraft
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Executive Club/Avios
  • Official Website link: www.britishairways.com
  • Alliance: Oneworld

British Airways Classes of Service

  • This one is also known as Club Europe. Comfortable seating arrangement with moveable headrests and lean-back features.
  • Magazines, newspapers & contemporary LED lighting help you relax throughout the flight.
  • The storage rack is eye-level which makes it more comfortable.
  • The passengers get to enjoy complimentary onboard catering.
  • This class is also known as Euro Traveller. The seating arrangement has a standard pitch that may vary depending on the aircraft type and location of the seat.
  • Passengers get to enjoy Wifi services.
  • Broader comfy seats can be transformed into beds to relax whenever you want.
  • Spacious enough storage rack for keeping personal belongings.
  • Cabins are furnished with an in-seat power facility.
  • This cabin features wider seats with spacious legroom.
  • Meals can be booked in advance in case of a special diet or other dining requirements.
  • Moreover, the seating arrangement has IFE screens and power outlets.
  • Most of the World-Traveller cabin features are similar to Euro Travelers.
  • Passengers can avail of entertainment screens at the time of booking.
  • Also, power outlets, snacks, and free beverages are provided.
  • Spacious cabin with high ceilings & mood lighting that auto-adjusts according to the time and outside light that cancels noise.
  • Seats have a direct aisle with a door for enhanced privacy.
  • A fully flat bed around 198cm (6ft 6in) large with plenty of extra storage space.
  • Luxurious bedding by The White Company.
  • Screen with 17” high-resolution & the latest films and music.

There are three basic methods to check in for British Airways. Let's get to know about each one of them in brief.

  • Mobile Check-In: You can check in using your mobile. Options for check-in are available 24 hours before the flight takeoff time. You can get your boarding pass on your phone by Email or SMS or print it at the airport kiosk.
  • Online Check-In: With an online check-in option, you don't have to rush to the airport. The online check-in option is available 24 hours before the flight's takeoff time on the airline's official website. Once you are done with the check-in process, you can get your boarding passes printed. You'll be required to tag that with your bag at the airport.
  • Offline Check-In: Other than mobile and online check-in options, an offline check-in option is also available. British Airways provides a kiosk check-in option and desk check-in at the airport. In that case, the airline representatives help the customers.

British Baggage Allowance & Fees Policy

  • CARRY-ON BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: British Airways allows passengers to take cabin baggage with restricted measurements of 56 x 45 x 25cm. When talking about the weight, it must not exceed 23kg.
  • CARRY-ON BAGGAGE FEES: British Airways only charges for carry-on baggage once it's under the size restrictions and weight allowance. If it exceeds the measurements, it will be charged as checked baggage. And if the measurements exceed checked baggage, it will be charged under excess baggage.
  • CHECKED-BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: British Airways allows passengers to take checked baggage with restricted measurements of 90 x 75 x 43cm. When talking about the weight, it must not exceed 23-32kg based on the type of ticket or route.
  • CHECKED-BAGGAGE FEES: For check baggage under the given size restrictions and weight allowance, British Airways charges £20 - £65 depending on route/ticket type. The airline charges £65 per bag if it exceeds the allowed measurements.

British Airways In-flight Entertainment Options

  • Travelers can enjoy complimentary drinks.
  • There are movies, songs, and TV shows available for amusement.
  • Also, one can enjoy games on the seat-back screen.
  • There are WiFi facilities for non-stop browsing even in the air, you can
  • stay active on your social media and send emails.


  • The airline features an a la carte ‘Dine Anytime’ menu prepared with British Ingredients.
  • You can enjoy snacks, mocktails, cocktails, champagne, and wines in First class.
  • Long haul business & premium economy cabins feature dessert & cheese. One can enjoy a choice of hot & cold drinks.
  • On short-haul flights, you can enjoy British breakfast, lunch, & traditional tea. Also, a range of alcoholic drinks is available.
  • The airline provides special meals in case of special dietary requirements, vegan diets, and allergies. Dine Anytime feat

British Airways Child Policy & Guidelines

  • For infants, you can either book tickets to travel on your lap or in their own seat; prices for tickets will vary accordingly.
  • Kids over 2 will be counted as a child (not infant). All children under 14, it's not allowed to travel alone. An adult must accompany them.
  • Those over 14 must carry along their complete guardian/parental Young Flyer Travelling Alone consent form & a copy of the parent or guardian’s passport or identity document.
  • Newborn babies must be at least 48 hours old to travel.

British Airways Pet Policy

  • For recognized service dogs, British Airways doesn't charge for traveling.
  • The airline doesn't allow emotional support dogs to travel in a cabin.
  • For other pets, it allows only those under 6kg.
  • The measurements of the waterproof carriage of the pet should be of maximum dimensions of 20 x 30 x 20cm (7.5 x 11.5 x 7.5in).

Preventive Measurements To Keep You Safe

  • Before and after each flight, the aircraft is cleaned thoroughly and sanitized properly to avoid harmful bacteria.
  • The airline has partnered with the world-famous & trusted brand Dettol to disinfect the aircraft and keep the travelers and crew members safe.
  • Anti-bacterial hygiene wipes from Dettol are always available on board to avoid any kind of virus.
  • The cleaning program includes regular inspections. The aircraft is furnished with hospital-grade HEPA air-filtration systems.
  • The airline offers hygienically prepared meals for travelers.
  • In addition, a trained crew is available for assistance throughout the flight, dealing with immediate illness and seeking medical care.
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You can book on Tuesday at 3 PM to get the most affordable bookings. This particular time has been calculated as the best time to get the cheapest tickets for British Airways.

You can visit the airline's official website, i.e., www.britishairways.com, or make a reservation easily with Flightshubair. If you want to contact the airline via call, you can reach out at 0124 412 0715, the toll-free number for the airline.

Executive Club/Avios is the frequent flyer program. British Airways offers its members some additional benefits.

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