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Air Canada Basic Info

  • Country: Canada.
  • Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec.
  • Major Hubs: - Calgary International Airport.
    • - Montréal–Trudeau International Airport
    • - Toronto–Pearson International Airport
    • - Vancouver International Airport
  • Fleet Size: 353 aircraft
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Aeroplan
  • Official Website: www.aircanada.com
  • Alliance: Star Alliance
  • Tagline: Flying the Flag

Air Canada Classes of Service

  • This cabin is a product of the airline's international business class & present on all widebody airplanes.
  • It comes in two varieties with little different features. One cabin type is featured as Classic pods, the other as executive pods.
  • Both varieties have the comfiest seating arrangement made in a 1–2–1 system & 1–1–1 variations with a 21-inch width and approx. 6'7" pitch of seat so that seats can be changed into beds for a more relaxing travel experience.
  • AVOD on a touch screen, noise-canceling headphones, and a music system are provided for entertainment purposes.
  • The seating arrangement of 1-2 configuration with a 120° reclining feature offers a comfortable flying experience.
  • For entertainment, passengers get AVOD and music systems in flight.
  • Also, one can enjoy the WiFi connectivity and charging slots attached to seats for taking care of devices.
  • The cabin has premium features as compared to a basic economy cabin.
  • This cabin has larger seats in 2–4–2 & 2–3–2 configurations with lean-back features.
  • Armrests & headrests are also there for a relaxing experience.
  • For entertainment, the cabin has AVOD and a satellite music system.
  • Homely arrangement of seats in 3–4–3, 3–3–3 & 3–3 configurations in different aircraft with a good lean-back feature.
  • This class doesn't feature any inflight entertainment.
  • This class doesn't feature any inflight entertainment.This class doesn't feature any inflight entertainment.
  • With Air Canada's Signature Suite, one can have an overhead airport experience at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  • This suite is exclusively designed for Air Canada's Signature Class passengers.
  • The customers get exclusive services such as priority check-in, priority screening security, hotel service & also priority boarding with priority baggage delivery upon arrival.
  • The suite is designed to keep its customers away from the airport hustle so they can have a stress-free experience.
  • Also, the suite offers luxury skincare products from Molton Brown.

Air Canada Check-in options

There are three basic methods to check in for Air Canada. Let's get to know about each one of them in brief.

MOBILE CHECK-IN: You can check in using your mobile. Options for check-in are available 24 hours before the flight takeoff time. You can get your boarding pass on your phone by Email or SMS or print it at the airport kiosk.

ONLINE CHECK-IN: With an online check-in option, you don't have to rush to the airport. The online check-in option is available 24 hours before the flight's takeoff time. Once you've done the check-in process, you can get your boarding passes printed. You'll be required to tag that with your bag.

OFFLINE CHECK-IN: Other than mobile and online check-in options, an offline check-in option is also available. Air Canada provides a kiosk check-in option and desk check-in at the airport. In that case, the airline representatives help the customers.

Baggage Allowance & Fees Policy

CARRY-ON BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE Travelers can take one carry-on luggage with a handbag or a personal item. Measurements for the carry-on luggage should be at most 55 x 23 x 40 cm, and handbags should be at most 33 x 16 x 43 cm. If any bag exceeds the measurements or is oversized, it will be checked at the airport.

CARRY-ON BAGGAGE FEES If the carry-on baggage exceeds the measurements, it will be charged as checked baggage. And if the measurements exceed checked baggage, it will be charged under excess baggage.

CHECKED-BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE For checked baggage, measurements allowed by the Air Canada airline shouldn't exceed 292 cm (L+M+H), and weight shouldn't be more than 32kg.

  • Basic and Standard charges:
  • 1st bag: $30.00
  • 2nd bag: $50.00
  • Comfort and Flex fares:
  • 1st bag: free
  • 2nd bag: $50.00
  • Latitude fares:
  • 2 bags free
  • For international travel
  • 2 bags free
  • All international itineraries allow for at least 1 free bag The maximum fee for a second bag is $100.00
  • 1st bag: $70.00
  • 2nd bag: $100

Air Canada In-flight Entertainment Options

  • Travelers can enjoy complimentary drinks.
  • There are movies, songs, and TV shows available for amusement.
  • Also, one can enjoy games on the seat-back screen.
  • There are WiFi facilities for non-stop browsing even in the air, you can stay active on your social media and send emails.

Meals Policy

  • The signature class gets world-class dishes prepared by top chefs. One can enjoy cocktails, bourbon, sprite, ginger ale, maple syrup, and lemon. In addition, the passengers of the signature class can avail of on-demand services if they want.
  • Business class travelers can enjoy hot meals depending on the flight distance. Also, one can enjoy free breakfast.
  • Premium economy class travelers are welcomed with lavish drinks and are offered choices in meals. They can have whatever they feel like having.
  • Economy Class offers free hot meals and light food in the second meal option. Also, one can enjoy complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Air Canada Child Policy & Guidelines

  • If traveling with kids under 6, you can check in using the family check-in option.
  • Kids under 6 are supposed to board early in family boarding. It allows the family to have extra time to store belongings and settle in.
  • The airline ensures that the family and kids under 14 sit close to each other at no extra charge.
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: If the passenger has a normal pregnancy and no previous history of premature labor, she can travel by air up to and including your 36th week on Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express. Moreover, the airline support breastfeeding on board the aircraft whenever safety permits.

Air Canada Pet Policy

  • Travelers can carry their cats and dogs if they are small and can fit under the seat in front of them.
  • It is crucial to make confirmations with the airline first.

Preventive Measurements To Keep You Safe

  • Before and after each flight, the whole aircraft is purified, keeping the most touched areas in priority cleansing.
  • Windows of the aircraft are thoroughly sanitized with disinfectants to ensure the safety of passengers from any kind of Virus.
  • Each one of the seats of the aircraft is completely sanitized, including the deep cleaning of armrests, seat belts, seat belt buckles, and headrests.
  • Not only the seats but the storage sections are also sanitized.
  • Before each flight, when the travelers enter the aircraft, complimentary sanitizers are available for travelers, and all of them enter the vehicle after going through hand sanitization.
  • The airline offers hygienically prepared meals for travelers.
  • In addition, a trained crew is available for assistance throughout the flight, dealing with immediate illness and seeking medical care.
Frequently Asked Question

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If you are booking with Air Canada for the domestic destination, the cheapest day is Tuesday. If you are looking for international travel, Thursday is the cheapest day of the week.

You can either visit the airline's official website, i.e., www.aircanada.com, or make a reservation easily with Flightshubair. If you want to contact the airline via call, you can reach out at 1-800-296-3408, the toll-free number for the airline.

Aeroplan is the frequent flyer program Air Canada offers its members some additional benefits.

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